My name is Kamila Aziza Rabiula. You can call me “kaka” or “mila”. I’m a moslem and I proud of it.

I was born at Bandung -the flower city- 7th September 1992. Now i’m the student of Padjadjaran University at West Java, Indonesia. My faculty is nursing and my concentration subject is nursing science. Actually, i don’t want to continue my study at nursing coz my dream is being a famous architect. But at the end, God chosed me nursing as the best choice for my life and my akhirat (it’s a noble job, guys^^)

During study at Unpad (a short name of Padjadjaran University), i stayed at boarding house which its address is Pondok Fay, Jl. Raya Jatinangor 181, RT 02 RW 02, Kelurahan Hegarmanah, Kecamatan Jatinangor. Once a week, i went home and didn’t stay at mw boarding house. Its address is Jl. Ragadiem No. 1 Lingkungan Burujul, RT 01 RW 16, Kelurahan Kota Kulon, Kecamatan Sumedang Selatan.

I love learning about architechture design, and graphic design. Besides, i also like drawing, reading books, and taking pictures. So, whoever you are, if you want to be my friend, you can call my mobilephone (08996004677) or maybe by my facebook acount; Kamila Aziza Rabiula, and my email; Let’s share many things with me. Thank youuuuuuuuu šŸ™‚